NFT hunt- episode 1

2 min readJan 13, 2022


digital real estate- METAVERSOL

Originally know as test guy ,had to be honest I thought it was a failed project. I took a risk and 2 month ago and bought the test guy NFT for 2 SOL after hearing neonexus founder talk about them. 2 SOL is alot for NFT with <100 member in discord, and <500 twitter follower.

Progress was slow. Update getting less by day. The NFT price floor hit 0.2SOL . I thought to myself “well2 another fail project”, but I was wrong, Test Guy revamped and rebrand themselves as metaversol, now with a more clear purpose of buiding the metaverse.


It supposed to be competitor to except the team lack of funds, lack of partnership, lack of structure. Too many uncertainties, not even sure they will be able deliver a working product by this year. But if they did, the upcoming mint will be worth more than 2 SOL . So basically you’re betting on uproven team to deliver. Hope on their discord and see for yourselves wether they have what it take to compete saturated metaverse market!

project with similar concepts- digital real estate on Solana — the suits ( mint in 16 jan) — floor price 30SOL (mint 1.5) — solana town FP 3 (mint 1 SOL) — metavillage (mint 15 jan onward)


Not financial advise. Please do your own research before investing.
I own portal and Test guys NFTs.